My partner has been struggling with pain and immobility in his neck for ages, which restricted his movement to the stage where he was concerned that he could be unsafe driving as he could not turn his head sharply to the right when approaching a junction.  He grumbled and soldiered on stoically, claiming it was wear and tear from many years of lifting whilst a mechanic.

For his birthday, I suggested trying 'remedial massage' and booked an appointment with Bridgett.  He was very cynical about this and reluctantly attended on the due date.  He commented that this session caused some discomfort, even pain, but recognised this was identifying the area of damage.  He was now willing to try again.

Follow up appointments were booked a few weeks apart.  To his surprise, after struggling on for several years, he now has almost complete movement back in his neck and recognises the release of tension which had built up around this area.  No more complaining of neck ache!

Without prompting, he is now committed to having regular massage and can often be heard extolling Bridgett's service.

L Rawlinson

Had my 1st Raindrop therapy treatment at B's on Fri-what an experience! I have never in my life felt as physically relaxed. It also did more for me than years of trying meditation-it has calmed my mind and silenced the negative chit chat in my head! I would definitely recommend this treatment. Thank you Bridgett!   Mary Shannon

Can't recommend highly enough, my skin is totally different since taking her advice on the Dr hauschka products and Bridget's massages are second to none!  Amy Drinkall.

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